Gendai Reiki Ho (現代霊気法)


Reiki is a simple, safe, and spiritual healing method founded in Japan.

Reiki energy is universal energy.  It is not created by human energy, that's why it is safe.

As you know, we are not alive in this planet without blessing of entire universe.  Reiki energy is also a part of it.  When you realize and harmonize the Reiki, your life is more full of happiness and health. 

Reiki is founded in Japan by Usui Mikao sensei in 1922, which is called "Traditional Reiki" now.  It went to Hawaii in 1938, and after that  it was introduced to Western countries by several grandmasters, which is called "Western Reiki".  


Gendai Reiki Ho is founded by Doi Hiroshi sensei well mixed Western Reiki and Traditional Reiki, which becomes more useful for us today, who has both lineages, Western Reiki and Traditional Reiki.  Now he has contributed to introduce the original Reiki all over the world.  

Gendai Reiki Master, Hana Morimoto is mainly working to expand Reiki in Akaigawa (where is near Kiroro resort and Niseko area).  So you whether you are here for visiting or living, you can try Reiki treatment.

What is Reiki Treatment?

Life force energy flows through Reiki practitioners and it reduces your stress and gives you relaxation.  It is  administrated by hands-on healing (laying on hands).  We don't basically touch your body.  

Reiki Treatment:

7000 JPY/60 mins

4000 JPY/30 mins

Location: Akaigawa office (exact location will be informed after reservation is confirmed.)

Treatment in Niseko area:

9000 JPY/60 mins

6000 JPY/30 mins

Location: Near MaxValue in Kutchan (exact location will be informed after reservation is confirmed)

You are away from this area, but you want to try how Reiki treatment is like.

You can try distant Reiki treatment.

Even you are not with me, you have a chance to try Reiki.

I will give you reiki treatment for 15 minutes starting at 22:00 in your area.

Please choose:

1 day - 1500 JPY

2 days - 2500 JPY

3 days - 3000 JPY

Steps to booking:

1. Please fill out the form below.

2. I will contact you by email. (from

3. Arrange the date. 

4. Payment information will be sent after mutual agreement. (Payment is to be made by Paypal)

5. Your reservation is confirmed.


The previous day - 50% refundable

The day of Reiki treatment - 100% refundable

About Gendai Reiki Network:

Certificate of highest master of Gen
Certificate of highest master of Gen